About Cyprus

Why Cyprus?
With around 300 sunny days a year, the island is one of the sunniest countries in Europe. So you can endure it all year round in Cyprus, as it is very pleasant here also in autumn and spring. The deep blue sea and fascinating beaches also inspire. Cyprus has been divided into north and south since 1974. There is the Greek part, which has been part of the European Union since 2002, and Northern Cyprus. Despite the division, togetherness is peaceful and unproblematic.

By southern European standards, the people speak very good English. Which is also because Cyprus was a British colony until 1960.

The opening of the country to investors and capital played a decisive role in the economic upturn. It has one of the highest economic growth rates in Europe.

We have now summarized our experiences and recommendations in a few articles. Here you can find all the articles about this wonderful Mediterranean island.