Limassol (also known as Lemesos) is the largest port city in Cyprus. It is located on a long beach and has a beautiful promenade (Limassol Promenade). In the old town are trendy restaurants and cafes. Not far away are the ancient Kourion or the Troodos Mountains.

Limassol old town:
The lively old town should definitely be explored. Limassol Castle is right in the center. It was built in the 14th century and is now an interesting museum with collections of armor and weapons. The main square of the old town is surrounded by cafes and restaurants.

Limassol promenade:
The promenade is very popular for visitors and tourists. A wonderful view of the sea and the atmosphere attract adults and children alike. A walk along the sea should not be missed here!

Limassol Marina / Old Port:
In the marina you can find some yachts that are moored here. The area around the marina and the “old port” is ideal for strolling. There are several bars, cafes and restaurants here. The modern and the old are mixed here. The core is the old fishing port. This is how fishing boats stand out in the modern landscape.

My tip: just park on the promenade and walk along the sea to the old port and then end the day in the old town!