It is also called the Black Forest of Cyprus. Anyone looking for a change from beach life is in good hands here. Only 50 – 60 kilometers away from the beautiful beaches of the island are the almost 2000 meter high Troodos Mountains. Here you will find a green forest landscape, which is ideal for hiking. In winter it even snows here. So while the first ones go back into the sea in spring, you can still go skiing here.

Since it is between 35 – 40 degrees on the island in summer, a hiking excursion through the forests and beautiful landscape ensures a successful cooling off. You can experience almost everything in Cyprus. From sizzling in the sun on beautiful beaches, diving, hiking or cycling, everything is possible here.

Off to the highest waterfall on the island!
The last hiking excursion took us to Platres. Since two waterfalls are very close to each other, we combined both. First we went to the Kaledonia Waterfall. Reachable from the chosen parking lot in about 30 minutes. So we made a little “round trip” towards the summit of the Troodos mountain and were here for a few hours in the green forests.

After a little refreshment in the restaurant, we went to the next waterfall, the Millomeris Waterfall.

Conclusion of the day:
A perfect day out. The nature of the island simply has a lot to offer. From the beach to the forest and mountains, everything is there. The green Troodos Mountains are the contrast to the beaches. A must for hikers and nature lovers.